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Pet Bathing

Pet Grooming Services

RxTRA CARE Pet Sitting & Services LLC offers therapeutic spa treatment to your pets in the comfort of your own home. Grooming services can be added to any sitting service for your well-behaved pets, or performed separately with a $18 travel fee to clients within our service area. We use high quality, hypoallergenic products and and low stress practices to ensure the health, safety, and wellness for your pets. And because even pets without fur deserve a little extra pampering and TLC, we offer grooming services to to your scaly and feathered companions as well. 


Conditions apply: The goal of all of our services is to provide a  stress-free, beneficial experience for your animal companions. Sometimes pets just aren't receptive to the services we want to provide, and we will always respect their wishes. Sometimes a bath or a pedicure is a team effort, and we will schedule these services when we have an extra hand. Sometimes they just want their mom or dad nearby for asurance, and in these instances we will reschedule services for when you are available to provide such a support system. 

Ear Cleaning       


Ears are thoroughly flushed with an otic cleansing solution, wax and debris are wiped from the ears, and they are gently dried. If necessary, excessive ear hair can be gently plucked. 


This service is available for well behaved dogs, cats, ferrets, rabbits, and some pocket pets.


* We use an over-the-counter, self-drying solution for ear cleaning. If your veterinarian has prescribed a medicated flush for your pet's ears, we will use that instead.


Nail Trimming


All nails are trimmed to a safe and appropriate length, and then gently filed for a non-abrasive finish.


This service is available for well-behaved dogs, cats, ferrets, rabbits, most rodents, pocket pets, exotics, birds, and some reptiles. If supplied, Soft Paws Nail Caps or similar can be applied to dogs and cats for an additional $10.


*Restrictions apply. Some birds and reptiles will only receive a nail filing. Cats and animals with brittle nails will only receive nail trimming.


Anal Gland Expression


Designed for pets that do not get "typical" shampoo baths. Well-behaved Hedgehogs, flying squirrels and similar pocket pets will receive a spray cleanser followed by a gentle water scrub, rinse, and towel dry. Reptiles will receive a aloe-treated water "soak" and gentle scrub. For desert mammals like chinchillas and degus, a dry powder "dust" bath is provided. 



Bath & Brush


Pets will receive a massaging rinse in your home with a hypoallergenic shampoo. After being towel-dried, pets will be gently brushed and combed. 


Bath & Brush service is available for well-behaved dogs, cats, ferrets, rabbits, and some longer-haired pocket pets. 

  • Ferrets, Rabbits & Pocket Pets      $15
  • Cats, Small Dogs <20 lbs              $20
  • Medium Dogs 20-40 lbs                $25
  • Large Dogs 40-80 lbs                   $30
  • X-Large Dogs >80 lbs                   $35


*Restrictions apply. Baths are provided if there is adequate space to do so. We use an over-the counter, oatmeal-based shampoo for bathing. We can us your own provided shampoo as well. Prescription medicated baths are charged separately.

Exotics Rinse & Scrub

Anal glands will be palpated and manually expressed if found to be full. Whenever possible, internal expression of the glands will be performed for completeness of gland evacuation. The rectal area will then be gently cleaned with a hypoallergenic solution. 


This service is available for well-behaved dogs and cats.



Sanitary Fur Trim


Matted or soiled fur will be removed with an electric hair clipper. Fur around the rectum and genitals will be shortened and hair under the paws will be clipped. 


This service is available for well-behaved dogs, cats, rabbits, and some pocket pets.

Teeth Brushing 


Teeth will be brushed with an enzymatic tartar-reducing toothpaste and the mouth will be sprayed with a breath freshening solution.  


This service is available for well-behaved dogs, cats, and ferrets.