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Exotics Pet Care
Fluid Therapy
Bandage Changes

RxTRA CARE Pet Sitting & Services, LLC specializes in the nursing and caring of special needs pets. Our specially trained veterinary technician staff has the knowledge and experience to deliver superior care to animals coping with a vast array of ailments and conditions- from behavioral issues and cognitive dysfunctions to injury and systemic disease. Our team will ensure that your pets get all of the treatment and attention they need to continue to heal and recuperate while you are away. We're also ready to lend you a helping hand with their at-home care should you need it. 


Separation Anxiety

Compulsive Disorders



Hip/Elbow Dysplasia


Heart Diseases

Autoimmune Diseases



Cognitive Dysfunction

Blindness & Vision Loss

Corneal Ulcers

Ear & Eye Infections 

Hearing Loss


Post-Operative Care

Wound Management


Physical Rehabilitation


Thyroid Diseases

Cushing's Syndrome


Inflammatory Bowel 

GI Sensititivies

Kidney Diseases



Tracheal Collapse


Hospice Care


Therapeutic Care 


Therapeutic and medical care can be performed on your special needs pets during any pet sitting visit by our highly skilled veterinary technician team. Prices vary according to duration and complexity of services:

  • Assisted Walks (pelvic harness, wheelchair, etc.) $5
  • Intramuscular Injections $5
  • Bladder Expression $5
  • Blood/Urine Glucose Monitoring $5
  • Hot or Cold Therapy $5
  • Subcutaneous Fluid Therapy Administration $10
  • Tube Feeding $10
  • Inhaler Therapy $10
  • Wound Care $10
  • Bandage Changes $10
  • Urinary/Intravenous Catheter Care $10
  • Medicated Soaks (affected areas) $10
  • PROM (Passive Range of Motion) Exercises $15
  • Medicated Baths $30-45


If therapeutic services are only services that are required, we can schedule quick visits for a $18 travel fee within our service area. Need a service that isn't listed? Just ask! Our talented veterinary technician team is well-versed in animal nursing care.  If we can't help, we'll gladly help you find someone who can! 



IMPORTANT: Our professional team will only perform therapeutic care that has been recommended or ordered by your veterinarian. For liability and safety reasons, we will comply with prescription labels and treatment notes exactly as they are written, and will not use expired medications. These services are not intended to be a subsitute for professional veterinary care. Always seek the advice of your veterinarian with any questions you may have regarding a medical treatment or condition. 

Special Needs Pet Care

Therapy For Pets With Many Conditions

Medication Administration 


Most supplements and medications can be administered at no extra charge to animals requiring them during any pet sitting visit. *Please note that some medications- like prescription topical rinses or intramuscular injections- require additional time and care to administer, and are charged accordingly in our "Therapeutic Care" service. The following medications can be administered at no charge during visits:


  • Oral Supplements 
  • Prescription Diets and Treats
  • Oral Medications (tablets, capsules, chews, powders, liquids)
  • Opthalmic Medications (eye drops, ointments, flushes)
  • Otic Medications (ear drops, ointments, creams)
  • Topical Medications (sprays, ointments, creams, wipes, flea & tick preventatives)
  • Subcutaneous Injections (Insulin, allergy therapy shots, etc.)
  • Emergency Suppositories


IMPORTANT: Our professional team will only administer medications to your pet that have been prescribed to them by their veterinarian. For liability and safety reasons, we will comply with prescription labels exactly as they are written, and will not administer expired medications. If medication directions have changed since they were prescribed, please contact for veterinarian for updated labels prior to scheduling pet sitting services.